On your feet, get set, looos! Baby animals learn to walk

“Oh, oh! That’s not so easy!” Think the baby animals in the video and try to master their first steps. And the little rascals just look so adorable.

The cute creatures carefully try to put one leg in front of the other. It’s not easy, however: when a baby elephant tries to start running like its parents, it falls flat on its bottom. A young giraffe emulates the trunk-bearer, while a foal even lacks the strength to stand up.

A fawn has its very own tactic for taking the first few steps: instead of running forward, it walks backwards. But the little animal children will certainly soon be jumping around in nature and sprinting happily through the area.

Panda Baby Sleeping Tree
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01/23/2013 – 5:20 p.m

Animal babies: You want to steal them

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