Nice gift: ticks on the Christmas tree

Ticks on the Christmas tree are clearly not part of the desired tree decoration. When the first Christmas trees snow in German living rooms at the beginning of December, pets such as dogs and cats are particularly at risk from the parasites. Curious and thoughtless, they strip the unloved bloodsuckers from the branches.

This dog is not afraid of ticks on the Christmas tree

This dog isn’t afraid of ticks on the Christmas tree – Image: Shutterstock / joingate

You really don’t count on that: ticks in winter. But the danger is real. Below you will find out how the arachnids can get into your own four walls with the Christmas tree and what you should do to prevent this.

Ticks on the Christmas tree: The underestimated danger

Normally, when the temperature falls below eight degrees, ticks settle down and hibernate until higher temperatures ensure that the carriers of dangerous diseases such as TBE and Lyme disease plague humans and animals again. What a lot of people don’t know: Again and again the pests settle on pine needles – and this is how the ticks on the Christmas tree get into your own four walls. The cozy room temperature then does the rest: the arachnids become active and look for a new host.

Protect dogs, cats and people from “Christmas ticks”.

In order to protect your dog or cat, who just loves to roam around the festively decorated tree, from the parasites, you should initially store your Christmas tree for three to four days after buying it at at least eight degrees Celsius – for example in the garage or, should it be warm enough, on the balcony or terrace. When he comes into the house, give him a good shake outside beforehand to get the ticks off the needles on the Christmas tree.

Christmas decorations are not for dogs - Image: Shutterstock / WilleeCole-Photography
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More precautions against ticks on the Christmas tree

Even if you shake the Christmas tree thoroughly before it comes into the living room after a few days of storage, ticks can still be hiding in it. A practical tip: wear light-colored clothing when you bring it in and when you decorate it later, so that you can see the animals if they jump onto you. When hanging up the Christmas decorations, make sure that the parasites are not crawling over your arms. Dog and cat should better not stay in the room while decorating.

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