Määäähryyyy Christmas! Goats bleat Christmas carols

At Christmas time it is a tradition for many families to sing Christmas carols. But in this video it’s not the people who sing from the bottom of their throats, but goats – and they bleat numerous Christmas classics.

On the occasion of the happy festival, animal lovers have considered recording a CD with the goat sounds. Numerous songs that are intended to create a Christmas atmosphere can be found on the animal album. Instead of the usual sounds of human singing, goats can now be heard bleating. Will this be the new bestseller?

Keep an eye on your pet as they play with ribbon - Shutterstock / Linn Currie
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23.12.2019 – 08:00 a.m

Be careful at Christmas! Pets and Ribbon

It’s not just us humans who love glittering ribbons and sparkling baubles at Christmas. Even pets…


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