Lots of mini pigs to fall in love with

A mini pig seldom comes alone: ​​the squeaky bundles of joy in this video are in almost a competition to see who’s the cutest – let’s see who wins!

Contestant one is tiny, black and keen on playing hide-and-seek: It’s hard to say if it gets any cuter, but the little spotted athlete on the treadmill is definitely going to great lengths to keep up with him. The next lovable mini-pig eats an apple that seems huge in relation to it, and then a bunch of tiny contestants compete in a mini-pig race.

No one can resist the baby animal that drinks from the milk bottle: even its four-legged dog friend begins to lovingly clean it. A cuddly micro-pig that can be cuddled, one that waddles through the snow with a scarf and one that enjoys a leisurely bath: it couldn’t be any sweeter, right?

Pile of pigs: wild boar piglets sleeping
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02/19/2013 – 10:33 am

Gang of Pigs: Cute piglets in all colors

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