Kitten makes friends with dogs

“Oh, it’s boring to only play with your siblings!” says kitten Louise and decides to make friends with the mixed-breed dogs Wally and Buster. She spares no effort…

Little Louise is only four weeks old when she makes bold and clumsy first attempts to approach her animal roommates. To do this, the three-colored baby cat first studies its behavior very carefully, observes the four-legged friends and tries out their sleeping place.

At the beginning, the open-minded velvet paw does not have it easy, because the dogs are not very interested in her. Fortunately, after numerous attempts to win the two over, the story has a happy ending: When Louise and her siblings are ten weeks old, all the little cats move to a new home – only Louise is allowed to stay and from now on she can go with her cuddling basket of dogs. This is definitely what you want!

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