Kitten and puppy love each other

The cat and the puppy in this video are still very young and have already become best friends. The reason: Both animals had a difficult start in their lives and urgently need someone to cuddle.

This film tells the story of a kitten and a dog who are still clumsy and somewhat awkwardly exploring the world after being rescued from an awkward situation. The cuddly yet adorable Shih Tzu pup was rescued from a mass breeding farm. His playmate, a cute kitty, was found under a porch when she was just two days old.

“We’re still very small, but we’re already good friends!”, the kitten and the little dog seem to say to each other and carefully explore the world. The puppy is still playing clumsily with a ball and padding around while the velvet paw is trying out its little claws on its caregiver’s shoe. Of course, there is also time for cuddles and the two animals like to cuddle with each other. Both have now been adopted and have found a new home. A beautiful story that touches the heart.

Dog and cat: A great team
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02/25/2013 – 5:59 p.m

Dog and cat are friends for life

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