Justin Bieber’s monkey Mally confiscated

When Justin Bieber arrived at Munich Airport last Thursday, customs was amazed: The pop star, who is currently on tour in Europe, had his capuchin monkey Mally with him. However, he probably forgot the accompanying papers.

Teen crush Justin Bieber confiscated monkey

Teen crush Justin Bieber: Monkey confiscated — Image: 2013 Twitter / malIythemonkey

Justin Bieber got the feeling in Munich that the strict entry requirements for animals will not be changed for teen stars either. Since he could not produce the important animal health and species protection documents for his monkey Mally, the poor animal was confiscated without further ado. According to media reports, Mally is now sitting in the quarantine station of a Munich animal shelter, waiting for Bieber to free her with the relevant certificates. According to a customs spokesman, the health of the animal is good, but whether such a sensitive animal should be subjected to such stress remains to be seen.

Not species-appropriate: Keeping a monkey as a pet

It is not just touring with a capuchin monkey that is questionable due to the hustle and bustle and the constant change of location. It is difficult to keep an intelligent and unusual animal like this in a species-appropriate manner in a normal household, but it is becoming more and more common, especially in the USA. So maybe Justin Bieber should be a better role model for his fans and at least show that he really cares about the monkey’s welfare. Incidentally, Mally was a present for Bieber’s 19th birthday.

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