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Do you want to make your furry friend happy for Christmas? Important: Gifts for pets should primarily please the four-legged friends and not just you as the owner. Here you can read what you should consider when choosing a gift.

What's in there?  Even unboxing makes pets happy – Shutterstock / Africa Studio

What’s in there? Even unboxing makes pets happy – Shutterstock / Africa Studio

It doesn’t matter to animals whether it’s Christmas or not – they don’t care about the holidays, but they are happy to receive suitable gifts nonetheless. That special treat or a great new toy always makes a dog’s and cat’s eyes shine.

Gifts for pets should be animal-friendly

A colored cat bowl, dog clothes with sequins, glittering decorative items and the like may suit the taste of some pet owners, but are usually nonsensical for dogs and cats and not recommended. Cats don’t care what design food bowls are made in or what color they are. And a dog doesn’t care if something glitters or is decorative. Gifts for pets should primarily please the furry friend. But what is suitable for Christmas?

Great Christmas fun: gifts for dogs - Image: Shutterstock / dezi
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12/19/2014 – 11:18 am

Great Christmas fun: gifts for dogs

The holidays are approaching: If you need a few Christmas gift ideas for your loved one in a hurry…


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Culinary Christmas for animals: treats

Christmas gifts for pets that delight the palate are always welcome. You can surprise your dog and cat with a special treat. But be careful: some animals react sensitively to changes in feed. It is therefore best to stick to the usual menu instead of trying out a completely new flavor. What does your woof or kitty like best? As a precaution, you should not feed leftovers or even poultry bones or fish bones. These can splinter and lead to internal injuries. Chocolate or the like is also taboo as it can be poisonous to dogs and cats and otherwise Christmas Eve could end up with a trip to the vet.

Cute and Creative Cat Christmas Gifts - Image: Shutterstock / dezi
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12/21/2014 – 6:20 p.m

Cute and creative cat Christmas gifts

Christmas gifts for cats can be for play, for cuddling, for eating and…


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Toys always work: fumbling board, retrieving toys and the like.

Like children, dogs and cats enjoy toys and activities. Give your velvet paw a new fiddle board, toy mice or catnip toys. Your dog will surely appreciate a new fetch toy or something new to chew, nibble and bite on. Tip: Look out for a toy in a specialist shop that your four-legged friends don’t yet have – this will make the surprise even bigger.

By the way: Not only people like to unwrap gifts. The joy is even greater when pets are allowed to find and unwrap your gifts themselves. Perhaps you can think of an exciting search game for this? However, keep the packaging as simple as possible and avoid gift ribbons. Otherwise, dogs or cats could accidentally swallow them while playing with them or get caught in them and injure themselves. A simple cardboard box is usually sufficient and is especially fun for cats.

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