Injured fox cub is nursed back to health

When American Beau Ouimette went on a treasure hunt with his wife, he probably never imagined what kind of animal treasure they would find. A small, injured fox cub sat lonely and abandoned in the undergrowth and whimpered heartbreakingly. The two didn’t think twice and took the poor guy away. In the video, they explain that they are both vaccinated against rabies, and Ouimette’s wife is a veterinarian.

A wild animal had bitten the baby fox, who was around a month old, on the neck and it had been separated from its family. Luckily, the little fox cub quickly trusted his rescuers and allowed himself to be fed with substitute milk. In the next video you can see how the cute brat is getting better and better. With newspapers, dog bowls, a litter box, a cardboard cave and cuddly toys, the Ouimettes have made the baby fox really comfortable and after just three days it has recovered significantly.

The first outing in the garden after the rescue is still very intimidating for the mini fox. But he is willing to be fed and even stroked. After five days, the cute button is already much more alert, talkative and hungry – a really good sign! Unfortunately, wild foxes are not allowed to be kept as pets, so it’s finally time to say goodbye. The little fox comes to a wildlife sanctuary where it can safely grow big and strong and eventually be released into the wild.

Tiny red fox on one of his first walks — Image: Shutterstock / AnetaPics
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03/21/2013 – 11:25 am

Red fox: Fascinating forest dweller

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