How to Get a Free Findeks Notated Risk Report?

I will not double your horizons, but I will make sure that you get 100 TL less a year out of your pocket. free findex annotated risk report To get it you need to:

1) findeks if you don’t have an account you are opening an account

2) you are logging in to your Hepsiburada account

3) You come to my account / my allpay wallet / get it now pay later and say find out my limit

4) you receive an sms on your phone, you enter it in the pop-up window and all here it defines a limit for you.

5) You enter your findeks account and view your report from the history tab.

note: I think the Hepsiburada limit becomes invalid after 2 or 3 months. When you do the 2nd step again, it receives a new report on your behalf.

I take an annual package, so I receive a report every month, but if getting a report every 2-3 months is enough for you, this is the tactic.

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