How old do rabbits get? Life expectancy of long-eared bats

“How old do rabbits actually get?” is one of the first questions you should ask yourself when considering bringing one of the cute little munchers into your home. The long-eared bats sometimes have an amazing life expectancy of more than 10 years.

How old do rabbits get? This question is not easy to answer. On average, the long-eared bats reach an age of about eight to 12 years. Depending on the breed and individual living conditions, life expectancy varies greatly. Basically, the following applies: species-appropriate husbandry prolongs rabbit life.

How old do rabbits get?

In the wild, a rabbit’s life expectancy is only about a year. The main reason for this are predators such as martens or birds of prey. However, in human care, many rabbits can live up to 12 years. Life expectancy depends on various factors:

• Race
• Nutrition
• veterinary care
• safe enclosure
• species-appropriate husbandry

Basically, small breeds get older than large ones. With good care, a dwarf rabbit can live up to 13 to 14 years. German giants, on the other hand, usually do not live longer than four years and are already considered seniors.

It is not only important that your rabbit has a long life, but above all that it leads a happy life. Malnourished rabbits that live alone in tiny pens can sometimes get very old because their metabolism is extremely reduced and they hardly move. A happy rabbit life, on the other hand, includes lush greenery to nibble on, lots of exercise and a long-eared friend to live with.

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When are rabbits seniors?

Rabbits are usually considered seniors when they are five years old. In most small to medium-sized breeds, however, typical age problems only appear much later. This includes:

• decreasing agility
• Tendency to be overweight
• Coat and skin problems
• Cancer
• Eye diseases
• Difficulty eating
• Indigestion
• Kidney and urinary tract diseases

How are human years converted to rabbit years?

To estimate how old the hoppler is by rabbit standards, it helps to convert rabbit years to human years. The rough orientation is: A human year is about twelve rabbit years. There are of course differences based on race. Life stages also play a role. Below is a conversion for a dwarf rabbit and a German giant as an example.

How old do dwarf rabbits get?

• 6 months = 12 years
• 1 year = 17 years
• 2 years = 20 years
• 5 years = 50 years
• 7 years = 65 years
• 10 years = 80 years
• 13 years = 100 years

How old do German giants get?

• 6 months = 10 years
• 1 year = 12 years
• 2 years = 30 years
• 5 years = 80 years
• 7 years = 100 years

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