How Do Mosquitoes manage to run away without us noticing?

scientists from the University of Berkeley and the University of Wageningen in the Netherlands, mosquitoHe determined that the secret of escaping undetected was that they took off by beating their wings strongly and quickly. The results of the research are published in the journal of experimental biology. published.

blood-feeding mosquitoes can carry food equal to their body mass as they take off over the animal they feed on. Escape without being caught depends on how fast they’re getting away. To determine how the mosquitoes managed to escape undetected despite their significant weight gain, the researchers studied the movements of malaria mosquitoes of the genus Anopheles coluzzii in three dimensions using cameras that can record high-speed images.

video published by the university of berkeley

It was observed that mosquitoes began to flap their wings 30 milliseconds before taking off. In addition, it was understood that mosquitoes flap their wings 600 times per second during take-off. The data obtained show that thanks to the movement of the wings in this way, the thrust applied by the mosquitoes to the surface they are in while taking off is reduced by more than 60%. In addition, the fact that mosquitoes have very long legs is one of the factors that allow them to take off without being noticed by the creature they are on. The repulsion force applied by vinegar flies to the surface they are on while taking off is about 4 times greater than that of mosquitoes.

Thanks to their unusual take-off method, mosquitoes can fly away unnoticed while taking off over the creature they feed on, despite their significant increase in mass.

flight stages of mosquitoes


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