How can I catch the bird?

If your budgie has escaped, the number one thing you should do is remain calm. Stress and hectic pace make things worse, both for you and your birdie. Especially if the bird is still in the room, you can use the following tricks to catch it again.

Ideally, your budgie will be tame and allowed to fly around the home outside of its cage - Shutterstock / Vyaseleva Elena

Ideally, your budgie will be tame and allowed to fly around the home outside of its cage – Shutterstock / Vyaseleva Elena

The cage door wasn’t closed properly once and then it happened: the birdcage is empty, the budgerigar escaped. If the bird is tame and regularly allowed to fly freely and happily, you can lure and bring it back as usual. Luring with birdseed in your hand usually helps here. If he is not tame, it will be more difficult. The first measure is to close all the windows and doors in the apartment so that your budgie cannot fly outside.

Budgie Escaped: This is important

Once the budgie has escaped and the windows are closed, you can go in search of the runaway. Keep in mind that the situation can be very stressful not only for you, but more importantly for your bird. Therefore, you should try to wait and see. Your bird may fly back into its cage on its own. A capture operation can put a strain on the bond of trust between you and your pet. So open the cage and wait.

Catching Bird: Possibilities

An escaped budgerigar is best caught in the dark. Turn off the light and carefully approach the bird. Birds just sit around in the dark and don’t usually fly around. If you can’t catch your flying artist with your fingers, a towel will help. Spread this out between your hands and then carefully (!) pull it over the bird. Then gently wrap the little one in it and put it out of the towel and back into the cage.

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Budgerigars: colorful little ornamental birds

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Bird flew outside

If your budgie has escaped and left the house, the chances of recapturing it are very slim. Most birds panic and just fly away. But it may also be that he is still nearby. Scan the area, look at trees, roofs and in hedges – if you find the runaway, you can try to lure it or catch it with the towel trick.

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