Here’s how you can help wildlife in winter

Brrr, soon it will be really cold outside, and while we can make ourselves comfortable in the cozy living room, wild animals have completely different concerns: their food is running out and they need a little help from us humans. Not only garden and balcony owners should therefore take precautions in good time.

Here's how you can help wildlife through the winter — Image: Shutterstock / svand

Here’s how you can help wildlife through the winter — Image: Shutterstock / svand

1. A bird feeder for our feathered friends

Helping wildlife in winter is easy. A small bird feeder, for example, is worth a lot for birds that don’t fly south. It ensures that they can eat undisturbed even in the rain, snow and ice, and offers them space for a little rest.

2. Meisenknödel: The vitamin bombs for wild birds

Fat balls are also a wonderful way for animal lovers who don’t have a garden to make the cold winter days more pleasant for birds. They can be easily hung up anywhere – whether in the dog park or on the tree in front of the house – and contain everything that wild birds need: grains, berries, fats, oils, seeds and minerals are the perfect suppliers of energy for them.

3. A shelter for garden hedgehogs

Anyone who is worried about the hedgehog, who occasionally delighted them with a visit in the summer, can offer them protection from the cold and natural enemies in the winter with a hedgehog house. It is best to set it up in autumn and clean it thoroughly every summer. It is very important not to disturb the hedgehog in its winter quarters!

4. So that squirrels don’t have to search so long…

… of course there is also a practical bird feeder for them, which is filled to the brim with their favorite nuts. This way, the cute tree dwellers find their food much more easily than in the secret hiding places they devised in summer, and they get through the winter cheerful and carefree.

5. Peanut kernels for sprinkling: Everyone thinks that’s delicious!

In cold temperatures, an oil-based energy supplier is just the thing for Vogel & Co. These chopped peanut kernels are intended for sprinkling and are not only particularly tasty, but also particularly nutritious. With oils, fats and proteins, they are an ideal power pack and a successful recipe against freezing. Even for this small wildlife support no separate garden is needed.

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