Heartwarming: Bank employee saves chicks

Every life counts – luckily for this bank employee this is an absolute matter of course. When he sees a family of ducks in distress, he leaves his job and decides to help the animals. A great video!

With this campaign, animal-loving Joel Armstrong has not only made himself a hero to a family of ducks, but also to all animal lovers. The mother duck had chosen a raised spot in the middle of the city of all places to hatch her little ones. The problem with this only became apparent when they were big enough to go on their first trip and their mother wanted to take them to the lake.

The little ones couldn’t follow their mother, the jump from the canopy was too dangerous for them and they became more and more desperate. The bank teller watched from the window of his second floor office and finally decided not to abandon the chicks to their fate.

One by one he caught them and put them safely on the ground. Even one of the chicks that didn’t dare to jump did not let its protector down and carefully got it down from the roof with the ladder.

Rescue with obstacles: The way to the lake

But the tricky situation didn’t end there: A parade was due to start moving through the streets in the next few hours, and the city was rapidly filling with people. Whether the mother duck would manage to get to the nearby lake unscathed with all her chicks remained uncertain.

So Armstrong decided to personally make sure his beloved gang got there safely and cleared the way for them. Lo and behold: in the end, the whole family of ducks hopped into the water, visibly relieved. This cute feathered gang won’t venture anywhere near the city anytime soon!

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