Have you witnessed animal cruelty? correct behavior

Have you witnessed animal cruelty, perhaps observed how a dog was mistreated on the street, the neighbor’s cat became increasingly neglected or animals were not kept in a species-appropriate manner? Then you must act. An advertisement is often the right step.

Those who turn a blind eye to animal cruelty are complicit - Shutterstock / Ksenia Raykova

Those who turn a blind eye to animal cruelty are complicit – Shutterstock / Ksenia Raykova

When it comes to animal cruelty, one thing is called for: civil courage. Anyone who ignores animal cruelty is complicit. It is important that you do the right thing when you see animals suffering.

The first steps to take when witnessing animal cruelty

Whether you see neglect, animal welfare, or direct abuse such as violence, the first step should always be direct intervention. First of all, speak to the animal owner personally about his misconduct and tell him as factually and friendly as possible what you think he could do better in animal husbandry. Possibly the animal owner does not know that his animals are suffering and does not mean it badly.

Important: If you discover that an animal is in acute danger of death or in cruel circumstances, such as dangerous housing conditions or physical violence, call the police immediately on 110 and preferably also the nearest veterinarian. However, only intervene directly on site if you do not endanger your own well-being.

Solitary caged rabbit housing is cruelty to animals, according to PETA – Shutterstuck/Iracha

12/08/2015 – 11:16 am

Pets: PETA calls for a Pet Protection Act

According to estimates, around 31 million pets live in Germany, with some animals such as fish…


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Filing a complaint against animal cruelty: Evidence is an advantage

You can report animal cruelty to the veterinary office or directly to the police. Both authorities are obliged to comply with your notification. It is best to submit a written complaint and support it with collected evidence – after all, courts ultimately need facts. The association “Tierschutz ohne Grenzen eV” recommends documenting the situation with pictures or films on its website. In addition, note data such as names, addresses or vehicle registration numbers of pet owners who are torturing one or more animals. Any evidence helps the animals.

Witnesses are also important. Has a neighbor possibly seen someone tormenting their dog in the house? Are there passers-by on the street who have also noticed something? Obtain the addresses and telephone numbers of witnesses and refer to them when reporting them. Also advisable: Get in touch with local animal welfare organizations and associations if you have observed animal cruelty. In most cases, they offer you important assistance in the fight for animal welfare. After a report has been filed, you should stay on the ball and, to be on the safe side, keep finding out about the case from the police or the animal protection association, which may be able to help.

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