Guinea pigs imitate “Lady & the Tramp” scene

“I love you so much! Come on, let’s share a blade of grass!” the cute guinea pigs say to each other in this video and nibble on a piece of lettuce together – in the style of the dog couple from the Disney classic “Lady & the Tramp”.

The guinea pigs nibble eagerly and at a rapid pace. Of course, each of the little animals wants as much of the delicious blade of grass as possible. And so they eat as fast as possible. And suddenly it happens: when the cute pets get to the middle of the straw, they inevitably kiss. But they quickly tear through the leaf with their teeth and go back to eating. A sweet, albeit unintentional, smooch!

Guinea pigs need company.  So if you want one, you usually get two – Image: Shutterstock / Miroslav Hlavko
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12/17/2013 – 5:38 p.m

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