Guinea pigs argue: what to do?

While guinea pigs are extremely social and love to live in groups, they can also fight. In order to maintain harmony in the cage, you should first determine the reason for the altercations and act accordingly.

There are a few reasons guinea pigs fight sometimes - Shutterstock/Dantyya

There are a few reasons guinea pigs fight sometimes – Shutterstock/Dantyya

Just like us two-legged friends, it can happen among guinea pigs that some animals do not get along with each other. In this case, it is important to observe whether the problem is permanent or whether the bickering is only intermittent.

Dispute over the order of precedence

Within a group of guinea pigs there is a strict one ranking. This hierarchy is established at the beginning. After a while, there can be fights for ranking if another animal wants to be in the executive chair. In these situations, the animals often make noises with their teeth or mumble. Sometimes their hair stands on end – in the truest sense of the word.

Even if such disputes look violent because tufts of fur are flying through the cage and the animals are running around agitatedly: Don’t intervene. Most of the time, these arguments only take place for a short time and the animals clarify their fronts among themselves. After all, it’s about who’s the boss in the cage. If you disrupt this process, there will most likely be another argument shortly afterwards.

Guinea pigs communicate not only with body language, but also with sounds – Shutterstock / Miroslav Hlavko
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More reasons for quarrels and what to do

The tensions among your guinea pigs can also have the following reasons in addition to the frequent fights for ranking:

  • Too narrow space: In order for a group of guinea pigs to live peacefully, the right cage is very important. The animals need enough space and sufficient shelter so that they can sometimes avoid each other. These retreats are particularly important in groups with several bucks, since the Guinea pig otherwise argue more often. If there is often unrest among your sea creatures, a larger cage can help. It is best to create several floors so that the little brawlers can avoid each other and move freely.
  • food envy: If Meeris are constantly fighting over the best treats, it is best to ensure that everyone gets something. It is usually enough to divide the food into several small portions. For example, if you serve several small pieces of lettuce instead of one large lettuce leaf, each animal can grab its share without fighting.
  • rutting season: In some situations, hormones cause absolute emotional chaos. Some female guinea pigs fight more during the rutting season and behave grumpily towards all other members of their species. This momentary Fightin the cage usually passes by itself.
  • Pains: Regardless of whether males or females – if guinea pigs suddenly fight more and attract attention in the group through aggressive behavior, health problems or complaints can also be behind it. at itching or pain, the animals rarely behave normally and peacefully. They are more likely to run around the cage nervously and react with unusual irritability. Better go with your Meeri to the vetto check if it’s healthy.
  • intolerance: If two guinea pigs don’t get along at all, a final spatial separation may also be necessary. This is especially the case when a new conspecific moves into the cage. In this case, however, it must be considered whether a new home should be sought for one of the two brawlers. Because keeping them alone doesn’t make guinea pigs happy.
  • Unlearned social behavior: For example, if a supposed problem animal was kept in a single cage at a young age, the animal is often not sufficiently socialized. Here it is important to have patience with the little guinea pig. It will learn appropriate behavior over time from the older animals in the group.

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