Flood animals in distress: How you can help

Due to the dramatic flood situation in many parts of Germany, many animals are in need and urgently need help. Anyone who wants to do something for them can become active in various ways.

The floods have left many animals in dire straits — Image: Shutterstock / jezzerharper

The floods have left many animals in dire straits — Image: Shutterstock / jezzerharper

The situation in the flood areas is dramatic for people, but also for wildlife. Flooded animal shelters, broken stables and destroyed feed reserves are being reported from everywhere. Many domestic, farm and circus animals have to be evacuated and there is a shortage of food because hay, straw and other feed supplies have been rendered unusable by the water.

Because helping people is of course the top priority, there is a lack of resources to enable the animals to lead a species-appropriate life in all their misfortune. In various places, there can also be dangers for animals on the road, as there are increased deer crossings due to open fences.

Flood 2013: Help with donations in kind

As an animal lover, however, you can help: on the one hand, donations in kind are needed. This includes pet food, blankets, baskets, cat litter, hay, straw, tools and many other items. You can find a good and always up-to-date overview of things that are needed and addresses for donations in kind on the website of the animal rights group Forgotten Four-legged Friends under Flood 2013. There you can also find out where you can lend a hand.

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Flood animals and their brave rescuers

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Help animals in need with a monetary donation

According to estimates by the German Animal Welfare Association, the damage caused to affected animal shelters will amount to several hundred thousand euros. The organization has promised emergency aid to animal shelters via the fire brigade fund. If you want to provide financial support here, you will find a donation form under this link.

Anyone who can take in one or more animals at home will not only find addresses under the links mentioned above, but can also organize themselves via Facebook. In the search and offer places for flood animals group, calls for help and offers of places are collected and coordinated. The Floods 2013 group provides general information and breaking news about animals and people in need, as well as the opportunity to share offers of help with the numerous other group members on the pinboard.

Help with one click

If you want to help the flood animals via Facebook, you can do so with a single click: Facebook pages like SureFlap ‘DE’ set a wonderful example and donate for every new fan who “Likes” their page. Indication supported, one euro to the German Animal Welfare Association.

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