Flea seeds for dogs and cats: Good for digestion

Flea seeds can help dogs and cats when their stomach and intestines are not working as they should. The herbal home remedy is easy to dose and, thanks to valuable dietary fiber, can show an effect after a short time. Here you can find out more about the use of flea seeds.

Animals generally take well to psyllium as they instinctively know what is good for them - Image: Shutterstock / Gladskikh Tatiana

Animals generally take well to psyllium as they instinctively know what is good for them – Image: Shutterstock / Gladskikh Tatiana

Flea seeds have been approved by the EU as a feed material for all animal species and are particularly convincing because they are of purely natural origin. Therefore, the seeds, which are mainly harvested in India and Pakistan, are also used to regulate the digestive system in humans.

Flea seeds are usually well received by pets. Due to their compatibility, they are suitable as daily supplements. Whole seed kernels can be purchased commercially, as can psyllium husks.

A notice: In the case of serious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, you should take your dog or cat to a veterinarian immediately. While psyllium is an effective home remedy, it cannot replace veterinary treatment for serious conditions such as persistent constipation or days of diarrhea.

Effect of psyllium: regulation by fiber

Flea seeds are rich in roughage and water-binding mucilage, which can have a positive effect on the digestion of humans, cats, dogs, horses and Co.

The seeds work with a dual mechanism. This means that both diarrhea and constipation can be regulated with the herbal home remedy. In addition, flea seeds promote general well-being, can alleviate allergies and ensure a shiny coat.

In addition, the seeds have a weight-regulating effect. Their high-fiber composition also makes them suitable for diets, as they lead to a faster feeling of satiety.

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Effect on dogs: How to use flea seeds

Flea seeds are particularly suitable for dogs that suffer from anal gland problems. The herbal home remedy can be used as a supplement to BARF or in the form of a cure. For example, you can mix swollen flea seeds into dog food every day for six weeks. A possible dosage could be distributed over the daily food as follows:

  • For dogs up to a body weight of 20 kilograms: 5 grams
  • For four-legged friends with a body weight of 21 kilograms or more: 10 grams

A six-week cure has proven effective in regulating gastrointestinal complaints such as constipation or diarrhea.

A notice: It is especially important that you soak psyllium in water for your dog before feeding it. If they don’t soak up water beforehand, the semen can draw fluid out of the dog’s body and cause constipation. Simply put the flea seeds in around 100 milliliters of water for about half an hour.

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How to use psyllium for cats

Cats also usually respond well to a treatment with psyllium, although the areas of application do not differ greatly from those of dogs. Whether for digestion, increasing well-being or supporting the fight against obesity – the dietary fibers usually achieve positive effects in cats too.

Soak around a teaspoon of flea seeds in 30 to 40 milliliters of water every day for around two hours and then simply mix the seeds into the cat food.

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