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Which food is actually right for your cat or dog? Free feed checks online like the one from CheckForPet promise an answer to this question. You can find out exactly how this works here.

Thanks to the feed check, you never have to buy the wrong feed again - Image: Shutterstock / Anastasiya Tsiasemnikava

Thanks to the feed check, you never risk buying the wrong feed again – Image: Shutterstock / Anastasiya Tsiasemnikava

Roughly speaking, the CheckForPet feed check analyzes individual characteristics of your pet and the information you provide about its previous food. Based on this, the tool creates a list of suitable food for your cat or dog. It only takes a few steps:

  • Provide information about your pet

The first step is to describe your dog or cat in more detail. What gender is your pet? What is it’s name? What about race, age, weight and activity level? Once you have entered your information, proceed to the next section.

  • Provide details of your pet food

Now that you have revealed individual details about your pet, take a closer look at your pet’s food as part of the food check. Does your dog or cat eat dry food, wet food, or both? When Yes, how much? Your animal may also be barred. In this case you can also state this – as well as the amount of snacks that your four-legged friend receives from you.

When checking the feed, it is also of interest to find out which manufacturer you rely on, whether your dog or cat prefers a certain type and how satisfied you are with your pet’s previous feed.

  • The food recommendation follows

Once you have provided information about your four-legged friend and its food, you will receive feed recommendations from CheckForPet that are precisely tailored to your pet.

This is made possible by an algorithm specially developed for the feed check. It analyzes and evaluates your data and, with a 90 percent hit rate, helps you to find the right food for your dog or cat.

But that’s not all: CheckForPet not only tells you which food suits your pet, the provider also provides you with suitable food samples from different manufacturers free of charge and without obligation.

The advantages of a food check online: you find out which food is right for your dog or cat, you no longer have to experiment with various brands of food, and you save money.

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