FETO ringleader Gülen was also involved in the Aegean tension with Greece! His words will not surprise anyone.

Fethullah Gülen, the FETÖ ringleader living in Pennsylvania, spoke with Greek Alpha TV correspondent Michalis Arabatzoglou.

He insulted the Turkish people

In his speech, Fethullah Gülen insulted Turkey and the Turkish people and defended the Greek theses in the crisis in the Aegean. “Turkish people pretend to be drunk.” Gülen said, “Erdogan says meaningless things like invading the Greek islands. Greece has always been the pillar of development of world cultures.” used the phrases.


Fethullah Gülen used the words “a small country that welcomes many people” about Greece, which has been proven by the European Union to have left the refugees to die with the “push back” method: “Greece is a small country that embraces many people. This is important and everyone should realize this. Some are working hard to disrupt the atmosphere and muddy the water.”

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