Feeding squirrels in winter: tips

At the latest when the ground freezes, squirrels find it difficult to find enough food in winter. If you would like to support the funny rodents with a little food to get them through the cold months, here are a few tips.

Squirrels in winter: "But I didn't hide these nuts myself..." – Image: Shutterstock / FomaA

Squirrels in winter: “But I didn’t hide these nuts myself…” – Image: Shutterstock / FomaA

In autumn, squirrels gather a supply for the winter with foresight – at the latest when they can no longer get hold of it for various reasons, they can still use human support.

Feeding squirrels: when does it make sense?

Squirrels retreat to their nest in winter to sleep most of the time. In between they go looking for food for a short time and for the small refreshment they are dependent on getting to their food sources prepared in autumn quickly. Extensive gardening work or ground frost can be reasons why they can no longer get to the carefully chosen squirrel hiding places. In both cases you can give the squirrels a little support with food.

Tips for feeding rodents

It is best to create small feeding stations for the squirrels that are easy to fill and where they can eat comfortably and undisturbed. You can buy special feeders and houses in pet shops, or with a little skill you can build them yourself. To fill the feeding place, it is best to use special feed mixtures, which you can also get in the pet shop.

Here's how you can help wildlife through the winter — Image: Shutterstock / svand

11/17/2013 – 6:39 p.m

Here’s how you can help wildlife in winter

Brrr, it’s going to be really cold outside soon, and while we’re cozying up in the cozy living room…


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Squirrels also like sunflower seeds, peanuts, walnuts or hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds and raisins. If you want, you can also make provisions in autumn and collect acorns, beechnuts or chestnuts for the busy squirrels when they go for a walk, which you can then give them in winter. Pine, spruce and fir cones are also great for adding to a squirrel feeder to help them through the winter.

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