Feat: Melanie the raccoon rides a bicycle

Raccoons are very clever animals, but the cutest one is Melanie, the cute lady raccoon. At least that’s what her proud owner, who is always teaching Melanie new tricks, claims. In this video the raccoon shows how good she can ride a bike.

Melanie’s owner encourages the clever animal as it climbs onto the tiny, red bike with tiny training wheels. The fluffy raccoon lady pedals like a pro and rides from one wall to the other. She squeaks so sweetly that it is a pleasure to watch her. In between, she stops for a moment and looks at the camera: “Can I get my treat now?” The sporty mask wearer seems to be asking. But the goal has not yet been reached. Melanie bravely drives the last centimeters to the window. She raises her paw resolutely and indicates that she wants her reward. “Good girl” – “Good girl”, praises her mistress and gives her the longed-for treat. sugar sweet!

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