Employment for the sweet rodents

A large enclosure and regular exercise are a must for happy guinea pigs. In addition, the little rodents are also happy about varied activities. Don’t know how to please your pet? Then read on.

fun for guinea pigs?  Climbing and exploring different obstacles makes rodents happy - Shutterstock / Anastasia Mironova

fun for guinea pigs? Climbing and exploring different obstacles makes rodents happy – Shutterstock / Anastasia Mironova

To ensure that guinea pigs don’t get bored in their enclosure, you as the owner must provide stimulating play and activity opportunities. Otherwise, the small pets like to lie down on their lazy skin and that is reflected in their weight. If, on the other hand, they are constantly challenged, the little Meeris develop courage and a spirit of adventure.

Guinea pigs exploring the enclosure

The simple variant for more activity: regularly place new branches, stones, ramps and the like in the enclosure. This miniature adventure playground encourages guinea pigs to explore. The same applies to the area for the free run. Shelter options made of cardboard boxes, cork tubes, small baskets or wooden houses encourage hiding. All dwellings must have at least two entrances, otherwise the rodents quickly feel cornered.

The whole thing is more entertaining if you also make small ramps from pieces of wood about 20 centimeters wide. Glue on small bars for safe climbing and let the fun begin! Another economical idea – offer old cardboard tubes, for example from kitchen roll. However, these should all have a diameter of about 15 centimeters so that the cute balls of fur do not get stuck. Clay or hard plastic tubes are also suitable and can even be put together to form a small labyrinth.

Easily create employment for guinea pigs

A fun game idea also works with empty toilet paper rolls. First put some lining in the roll and then seal both ends with some paper. Then drill small holes in the roll. The guinea pig now smells the delicious food and takes a while to get it out.

Who would have thought? A real hit with guinea pigs is playing with hay. It doesn’t matter whether it’s stuffed in old socks, deposited in tunnels or boxes or peppered with treats – the rodents run around in it, snuggle up comfortably and happily rummage through it.

Not only delicious: guinea pigs need hay to live - Shutterstock / PHOTO FUN

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Guinea pigs: accessories for happy guinea pigs

With the right accessories, guinea pigs can really play and have fun. How to…


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Make toys for guinea pigs yourself

Even if the specialist trade provides a large selection of different toys, it can also be fun to make something for your little darling yourself. Since the animals in the wild are constantly looking for food, they feel motivated particularly quickly as soon as food comes into play.

Simply attach vegetables such as cucumbers or lettuce leaves to a string and then hang them in the enclosure – ideally high enough for the little guys to have to reach for them. A rustling tunnel is also a great DIY idea: you can give your little friend such an exciting time out of a paper bag and crumpled hay or paper.

You must pay attention to this!

While it’s a lot of fun to watch guinea pigs frolic, there are certain rules that must be followed. The following things can be dangerous:
• Pointed and sharp objects have no place here
• Wood should come from untreated trees
• Do not encourage play with too many treats – the guinea pig must not overeat

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