Efficient, Efficient: Raccoon helps with the dishes

The raccoon in this video has discovered his passion for washing dishes: he eagerly packs plate by plate, cup by cup into the tin tub to clean them. But somehow the clever little animal confused washing up with going splashing.

“So, the water temperature is right. Now I can wash the dirty dishes. Then put them in the tub!” Zack, the raccoon is already tossing the colorful plates and cups into the tub. However, this is not so easy at first: the dishes slip away from him several times – which may be due to the fact that he is already sitting in the full tub and his little paws are wet.

But then the animal has an idea: “Maybe I should get out of the pool and then put the dishes in!” Thought, done and the raccoon is already twirling the plates and cups in the tub with his paws. It really makes washing up so much easier! After the work is done, the fluffy creature insists on taking another bath in the bowl. Crazy guy!

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