Dwarf ram rabbits: distinctive features of the breed

The dwarf ram rabbits are a breed with floppy ears and represent the smallest representative of the ram rabbits. They are considered to be healthy and relatively trusting. You can find out more about the cute Mummelnase below.

Dwarf rams are the smallest of the floppy-eared rabbit breeds – Shutterstock / Dagmar Hijmans

Dwarf rams are the smallest of the floppy-eared rabbit breeds – Shutterstock / Dagmar Hijmans

The first thing you notice about dwarf ram rabbits are their long, drooping ears. They are characteristic of the ram breed, which owes its name to the visual resemblance to a horned ram.

Dwarf ram rabbits: how the breed came about

In Germany, the dwarf ram rabbit has been recognized as an independent breed since 1973, but at that time it was still known under the name “Widderzwerg”. Since 2003, the little floppy-eared rabbits have also been officially called dwarf rams. Originally, however, the fur noses come from the Netherlands, where they have been bred since 1952. A certain Adrian de Cock bred a colored dwarf to a French ram and the offspring from that to an English ram, resulting in a floppy-eared dwarf rabbit.

In terms of appearance, dwarf rams are quite compact and plump: the physique is short and stocky, with broad shoulders and short, powerful legs. Her face is chubby, with a short muzzle and a broad forehead. The base of their floppy ears sits close to the center of their head, creating a small crown of fur between the spoons. By the way: When the dwarf ram rabbits are born, their spoons are still upright – only at the age of four to six weeks does gravity gain the upper hand first over one ear, then over the other.

In the video you can experience the cute bunnies in full action as they happily hop around in their outdoor enclosure:

Small, fluffy and with floppy ears: dwarf rams are so cute – Image: Shutterstock / Claudia Paulussen

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Dwarf Aries: Popular pet rabbits with floppy ears

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Peculiarities in character?

The dwarf ram rabbit is said to have a good-natured, friendly and trusting nature. When kept appropriate to the species, the sweet, gentle nature of the floppy-eared dog can develop best. Still, it’s important that you handle these creatures with care and patience if you want them to become tame and perhaps learn a trick or two. Rabbits that feel threatened or insecure, on the other hand, can react quite defensively and then have little desire for contact with humans.

Keeping dwarf ram rabbits: tips

In principle, the same applies to keeping dwarf ram rabbits as to other rabbit breeds. They must never be kept alone, but always need at least one rabbit friend at their side – guinea pigs or other small animal species cannot replace their own kind, as they have completely different habits and types of communication. In addition to a spacious cage, lots of fresh hay, fresh water and green fodder, the mummlers need daily exercise – preferably in the garden. But the lively fur pompoms can also let off steam over hours of play in a rabbit-proof room in your apartment.

Speaking of fur: the soft, fluffy fur of the dwarf ram is very easy to care for. In addition, the mummlers groom themselves as well as each other, so that they only need a little human assistance at times when they are shedding their fur. With a soft natural hair brush you can carefully and gently remove the excess hair.

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