Do the birds suit you?

With a bit of luck, parrots as pets can accompany their owners for a lifetime. The eccentric animals with the shimmering plumage are very old – 60 years is not uncommon. But do the feather friends even suit you? You should be clear about this before entering into the long-term alliance.

Keep parrots as pets?  The feather friends are lively, intelligent animals, but they also need a lot of care - Shutterstock / Maciej Czekajewski

Keep parrots as pets? The feather friends are lively, intelligent animals, but they also need a lot of care – Shutterstock / Maciej Czekajewski

Parrots are able to talk. For many animal lovers, this is reason enough to keep the birds as pets. However, you should definitely include other parameters in the purchase decision. For example, do you have enough space for the birds? And will you get along with animal nature? Parrots can be quite headstrong and stubborn fellows. Here are some of the questions you should ask yourself before you buy them, as well as important information about the animals.

Parrots as pets: Avoid keeping them alone

Parrots are very social animals. In nature, they are often found in swarms. Ergo, the platypuses don’t feel comfortable in your home without their conspecifics. They become lonely, are often more susceptible to diseases and show behavioral problems. Incidentally, humans are not good substitute partners. The birds need their kind – only then you can enjoy the animals.

Keeping parrots: enough space in the apartment?

A small apartment is unsuitable for keeping parrots. The animals need enough space to be able to fulfill their urge to move, to spread their wings and to flap. Basically, the larger the aviary, the better for the animal. In particular, macaws, which are among the larger parrot species, require housing with a footprint of at least 3 x 1 x 2 meters. Daily free flight is also essential for species-appropriate husbandry.

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take into account the nature of animals

If you want to keep parrots as pets, you should be aware of their peculiarities. The feather friends can make quite a mess when they toss grains around, kicking up dust and leaving food scraps everywhere. The animals aren’t quiet either, especially if you’re accommodating several birds. The exotics are able to speak, but that doesn’t mean that every birdie has a talent for languages. Be aware of this before you buy. As pets for children, the animals are rather unsuitable. They are not toys and their beaks can quickly injure children, especially if the offspring are too rough with the animals.

Parrot care: Don’t underestimate the effort

In addition to seeds, kernels and nuts, the pets’ diet also includes all kinds of fresh fruit and vegetables such as cucumbers, bananas and carrots. You have to cut them every day. In addition, the aviary needs to be kept clean and someone has to step in as a backup carer when you’re on vacation, for example. And of course you should have enough time for the animals. Just like dogs, cats and other pets, they need activities that are challenging.

All of these points should be kept in mind when considering parrots as pets. One thing is for sure: With a species-appropriate attitude, nothing stands in the way of a lifelong friendship.

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