Did the doctor bird study medicine? Funny bird names

Humor has to be simple – even in the animal kingdom. In the series of pictures we show six interesting bird species, which we humans have also given a very funny name.

Doktorvogel: We don't know exactly why it's called that.  Perhaps because of its pipette-like beak - Image: Shutterstock / Jared Shomo

Doktorvogel: We don’t know exactly why it’s called that. Perhaps because of its pipette-like beak – Image: Shutterstock / Jared Shomo

At the top of the list of birds with the funniest names is the African penguin. The cute suit wearer is known to be a bird, but it can’t fly. The African penguin owes its funny name to its special eyes and their borders. It makes him look like he’s wearing glasses. The shoebill is no less funny. Behind this name hides an African bird, which is so called because of the distinctive shoe shape of its beak.

Doctor Bird – a living pipette

Another representative of birds with funny names is the doctor bird. The bird native to the Caribbean does not have any special medical training. It is also not known exactly why he was actually baptized that way. Rumor has it that the naming is based on the bird’s beak. With this, the colorful bird drinks the nectar from plant blossoms like a pipette.

Comedians and jewelry thieves

With the roseate spoonbill, on the other hand, it seems clear why the animal is called that: The plumage has a beautiful pink coloration. In addition, the bird belongs to the spoonbill family, whose beaks are shaped like spoons. Also funny animal names are the Laughing Hans and the Wattled Crane. While Laughing Hans is somewhat of a comedian, so-called for his funny-sounding lute, the Wattled Crane isn’t keen on jewelry, though it does have two bling-like lobes on its throat that look like jewelry.

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