Cute ocelot kitten is playing with valentine heart

Just sweet! The little ocelot baby Santos gets a big papier-mâché heart for Valentine’s Day – and immediately sees it as booty. The little cat of prey with the big heart rages around wildly and nibbles on it.

“Such a nice toy!” thinks the cute ocelot baby Santos when he receives a big, red papier-mâché heart for Valentine’s Day. “This is so nice to hunt, nibble on and frolic around with!” How the cute mini big cat with the Valentine’s heart rages is a picture for the gods.

Little Santos isn’t bothered by the amused giggles of those around him and continues to play with his heart. “There must be something to get out of it,” the little, tabby velvet paw seems to be thinking, and tries to push the inside of its toy out with its paw and teeth. So you can also give a four-legged friend a lot of joy for Valentine’s Day!

Canadian lynx: almost looks like a domestic cat as a baby — Image: Shutterstock / mlorenz
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04/17/2013 – 10:21 am

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