Cute meerkat laughs while being tickled

Such a cuddly little meerkat! The cute rodent loves to be tickled on the tummy by its caregiver. He has so much fun that he giggles and laughs like crazy.

Alexander the meerkat loves to be tickled. The little rascal lies happily in the arms of his nurse. When she starts tickling her little charge’s stomach, he starts giggling. The sweet rodent coos, laughs and clucks like a big one! The joy is really visible on the meerkat’s face.

Little Alexander playfully kicks his nurse with his paws. When she stops tickling his tummy, he looks confused and tugs at the nurse’s sweater with his little paws. As if to say, “Hey, why are you stopping? Keep tickling me!”

You give good friends a kiss... think so too these cute meerkats.  – Image: Shutterstock / Luca Nichetti

03/03/2014 – 12:48 p.m

Cute meerkats: sociable fellows

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