Cute koalas jump in competition

The two jolly koalas in the video are called Imogen and Eliza. While most koalas are snuggly fellows, these two active friends show that they can also enjoy jumping around wildly.

Quickly! Paws ready for the jump aaaaand let’s go! With safe movements, Imogen and Eliza fly from branch to branch through their enclosure. They both seem to be doing great, they are having so much fun. Do a few more jumps in your little competition, you flying artists!

If you want to see the now grown Imogen as a sweet baby, you can watch the little rascal in this video, where he also bewitches his foster parents Kylie Elliot and Matt Radnidge:

"Yummy eucalyptus!"thinks this little koala - Image: Shutterstock / Susan Flashman

10/23/2014 – 10:33 am

Baby koalas enjoy life

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