Cute koala would rather cuddle than climb

Koalas can be so trusting: This little cuddly bear would rather cuddle than climb around in trees.

Alicia from Australia had a little housemate in her backyard during a particularly hot period Down Under: this young koala. He sat comfortably in the eucalyptus trees and enjoyed the shade – after all, the cute koalas sleep around 16 to 20 hours a day. When the little four-legged friend was awake, Alicia would provide him with water so that he didn’t get dehydrated during the extreme heat.

The cute koala thanked her for that by cuddling. Very trustingly he sniffs his human helper and sits on her lap. When she tries to get him to a tree so he can rest in the shade again, the gray fuzzy has very different plans: he would rather cuddle for a bit more and put his paw on the temporary koala mom’s leg and takes her hand. After all, the cute marsupials also want to be cuddled enough!

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