Cute foundling fox cuddles with foster dad

One heart and one soul: The sweet vixen Dawn is a foundling from Warwickshire in England and now lives happily and safely in an animal sanctuary. Her favorite pastimes: cuddling and playing!

When someone dropped Dawn, the cute fox girl, at the animal sanctuary in Warwickshire, England, they thought she was a dog. The now seven-year-old red fox lives there tamely and happily. Her very special friend is Geoff, the manager of the animal center. They cuddle, romp and cuddle together as much as they can.

As Geoff lovingly rubs the fox’s tummy, Dawn happily wags her bushy tail – we can’t help thinking why she might be mistaken for a dog. As a thank you, there’s a smack for the care dad. The fox lady snuggles up to Geoff and practically hugs him – the two clearly like each other!

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