Cute Christmas Spot: Animals love trampoline jumping

This video features this year’s Christmas commercial by British department store chain John Lewis. The story is told of Buster, the boxer, who is really looking forward to Christmas – his master has set up a trampoline in the garden for the daughter of the family and Buster would like to jump on it right away. But unfortunately he has to wait until the next morning and stay in the house overnight.

What applies to Buster, however, does not apply to the many wild animals that live near the house. It doesn’t take long before a pair of foxes have discovered the trampoline and are happily jumping around on it. Shortly thereafter, a badger joins them and a little later foxes, badgers, hedgehogs and squirrels are hopping in friendly harmony and are having a great time. Poor buster! He still has to stay inside and can only watch the other animals having fun.

But then the time has finally come, Christmas morning is here and the patio door opens so that the little daughter can try out her gift. But Buster is faster: he rushes past the little girl, jumps on the trampoline and has the time of his life! Just too cute!

Winter fun with Christmas toys - Image: Shutterstock / DragoNika
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12/08/2013 – 5:33 p.m

Winter fun with Christmas toys for dogs

Dogs quickly get bored of the cold, dark winter. The perfect way to do that…


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