Crawl with effect: Turtle shakes its shell

wiggle, wiggle, wiggle! The turtle in the video loves having its shell scratched or petted. She loves the caresses so much that she starts dancing and moving her body back and forth.

The tortoise appears to be very delicate on its shell. As soon as the animal’s owner strokes its green-brown body, the little creature starts to wobble. It moves its hindquarters back and forth – and stops doing so as soon as its owner stops cuddling. Is the cute little animal ticklish? In any case, the Schildi puts a cheeky sole on the floor. So cute to look at!

Under the dive: Hawksbill sea turtle — Image: Shutterstock / Rich Carey
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03/19/2013 – 5:30 p.m

Fascinating world of reptiles: the most beautiful turtles

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