Clever squirrel shovels snow

What’s that on my way to the next tree? I have to shovel that away!” thinks the sweet squirrel in the video when it discovers large amounts of snow on a cable. It starts right away.

Snip, snip, snip – the cute animal slowly makes its way and throws the snow on the ground with its paws. Although the squirrel is at a dizzying height, it doesn’t lose its composure and continues to fight its way through. Maybe this snow shovel professional will soon find a job with the winter service!

Squirrels in winter: "But I didn't hide these nuts myself..." – Image: Shutterstock / FomaA
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12/04/2014 – 7:01 p.m

Feeding squirrels in winter: tips

At the latest when the ground freezes, squirrels find it difficult to find enough food in winter. If…


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