Chick is rescued and reunites with parents

Well, this heartbreakingly cute little birdie got lucky! An attentive passer-by rescued him from an emergency situation and shortly afterwards found his parents again. The reunion is so cute!

Such an exciting day for the baby bird in this video. First it got lost and then got caught in a plastic tube in a bush, from which it couldn’t get out without help. Luckily, an observant animal lover heard his distressed squeak and freed the unlucky mini.

On the hand of his rescuer, the young wedge-tailed plover got very excited – no wonder, after all he suddenly discovered his parents a few meters away. As soon as it was put on the ground, the cute baby animal darted to the two birds and was greeted with a squeak. “You better take care of him from now on,” the baby bird’s rescuer called out to the parents. How sweet!

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