“Catch me! Catch me!”: Nasty mouse annoys cat

Tom and Jerry are real: In this video, a cat sits peacefully and undisturbed in a café behind a closed glass door. A cheeky little mouse comes along outside the path and has nothing better to do than jump up and down the glass door to annoy the cat.

The poor kitty tries to catch the cheeky mouse, but of course that’s not possible when a glass door separates the two animals from each other. Excited, the cat runs up and down the door while the mouse keeps jumping up. “Cuckoo”, the cheeky rodent seems to say. In between, the little mouse runs away briefly and it seems as if she might have had enough of annoying the velvet paw. “Oh, one more time,” says the little animal, and demonstratively walks past the glass door again. How mean!

Cuckoo, little mouse!  – Image: Shutterstock / Africa Studio
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07/28/2014 – 5:15 p.m

Sugar sweet: 5 tiny little mice

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