Capybara bathes with chicks

Capybara JoeJoe may be young, but he already makes a wonderful babysitter. While three ducklings climb and practice swimming on it, the cute capybara behaves very well-behaved and patiently.

Four animals that love the water: That’s Capybara JoeJoe and his little feathered friends. To make them feel comfortable in their nursing home, they can hop into the bathtub together and enjoy the cool water – the chicks in particular seem to be having a lot of fun. No wonder, because their big buddy doesn’t move from the spot while they climb around on him.

Capybaras, also known as capybaras, have their natural habitat in South American wetlands and prefer to be in the water. They’re great swimmers, but they also like to doze off in the water, just like JoeJoe, the hero in this video, is doing right now.

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