Campaign shows how harmful smoking is to animals

Passive smoking is harmful, everyone knows that. A New Zealand campaign draws attention to the fact that the whole thing can also affect dogs, cats and other animals in an emotional way.

While many smokers are already careful not to smoke in front of pregnant women or children, animals are often forgotten in this regard. As a matter of course, people smoke in front of the dog or cat. A moving campaign by the New Zealand company Quitline shows that this does not go unnoticed by the animals.

A video titled “Quit for your pets” shows an owner who clearly loves his dog but also exposes him to the noxious smoke of his cigarette.

And the four-legged friend? He follows his master at every turn. But the cigarette smoke has a negative effect on the health of the furry friend over the years – this is exactly what the emotional clip shows.

As Quitline explains, “If you smoke around your pets, they’ll get cancer twice as fast. Your best friend will follow you everywhere. Keep them healthy.”

The message behind it: The best thing to do is to quit smoking – if not for yourself, then at least for your pet!

Siamese cat lies on carpet
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07.09.2017 – 16:13

Secondhand smoke: Particularly harmful to cats

Passive smoking is not only harmful for our fellow human beings, but also harbors for our velvet paws…


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