Bird flew into the house: what to do?

Whether through the open window or the balcony door – if a bird has flown into the house, this is usually a huge shock for people and animals. In the best case, the crash pilot flies out again on its own. However, you often need a little help.

If a wild bird has flown into the apartment, it will find its way out on its own with a little help – Shutterstock / Paula kc

If a wild bird has flown into the apartment, it will find its way out on its own with a little help – Shutterstock / Paula kc

If there is a stray bird in your house or apartment, it is important that the wild animal gets back outside unharmed. In order for this to succeed, you must behave accordingly. The best way to do this is as follows:

If a bird flies into the house or apartment: first measures

One thing you should do first and foremost when a bird has strayed in is stay calm. For the bird, the situation is usually associated with great stress. He is in a panic from the unfamiliar situation and is desperately looking for a way to freedom. Frantically jump around the room, only scaring the bird even more. This increases the risk of injury.

First, make sure your pets are housed in another room and do not have access to the “bird room”. Cats in particular, but also dogs and other animals, are stressful and scare the bird even more.

Basically, you should close the room doors so that the lost person does not keep flying into the apartment or house. After that, you can get down to the real task: helping the bird fly out again.

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Guiding a stray bird out: how light can help

You should darken the windows to prevent the bird from flying into the windows and potentially seriously injuring yourself. For example, draw the curtains or lower the blinds. Only one window will leave you bright and wide open.

Once you have taken all measures, it is best to leave the room. This gives the bird time to calm down without danger. With the help of the light, the bird finds its way to freedom through the open window. Just carefully peek into the room every ten minutes to see if the animal is still there.

Important: Search the entire room and also look under or behind furniture. This is how you make sure that the bird is not just hiding somewhere.

Bird in the house: All steps at a glance

  1. Always keep calm.
  2. Isolate the bird in a room.
  3. Darken everything but an open window.
  4. Then leave the room.
  5. Wait until the bird has found its way out through the open window on its own.

What to do if the bird does not leave the house or apartment?

If the bird does not leave your house or apartment, it may be because it is injured. In this case, you should take the animal to the veterinarian. You can find out more information – for example how to catch the bird skillfully or how to transport it carefully to the veterinarian – in our guide “Found an injured bird: what to do?”

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