Benefits of dog liability insurance

If your dog causes damage, you as the owner are liable for it. It is obvious that there are advantages to having dog liability insurance in such cases. Here you will find some information on why such insurance can also be worthwhile for you.

Benefits of dog liability insurance: Accidents can get expensive — Image: Shutterstock / Nata Sdobnikova

Benefits of dog liability insurance: Accidents can get expensive — Image: Shutterstock / Nata Sdobnikova

Dog owners pay for any damage caused

“If an animal kills a person or injures the body or health of a person or damages an item, the person who keeps the animal is obliged to compensate the injured party for the resulting damage.” – So it is in paragraph 833 of the Civil Code. However, many dog ​​owners are not aware of the possible dangers and assume that nothing bad will happen.

Even if your dog is a calm, peaceful and well-behaved character, there can always be damage that you will ultimately have to pay for. From a guest’s bitten shoe to a major traffic accident on the street – dangers lurk everywhere.

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Benefits of dog liability insurance

Your animal companion triggers a car accident by suddenly running into the street or a cyclist falls because he had to avoid your dog, who suddenly ran after a ball – in such cases you as the owner will be asked to pay. You also have to pay the doctor’s bill in the event of personal injury or, in the worst case, financially support the injured person for the rest of their lives.

The list of comparable situations is long and cannot be seen in advance. The advantages of dog liability insurance are that it covers all damage caused by your cold nose. Property damage and financial loss as well as personal injury are covered by the insurance. Tip: Be sure to compare the offers and costs of different liability insurance policies in order to get the best possible protection.

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