Be careful at Christmas! Pets and Ribbon

It’s not just us humans who love glittering ribbons and sparkling baubles at Christmas. Pets are also magically attracted to Christmas tree decorations and gift ribbons. But be careful: If your darlings play with it, it can have serious consequences!

Keep an eye on your pet as they play with ribbon - Shutterstock / Linn Currie

Keep an eye on your pet as they play with ribbon – Shutterstock / Linn Currie

They don’t make good playmates: Christmas decorations and pets. Because although ribbon and co. invite you to bite and chase after them, some decorations hide life-threatening risks for your animal companions.

Tinsel, ribbon, Christmas tree balls: nothing for four-legged friends

Even if Christmas decorations with tinsel and co. are very popular, pet owners should avoid them in their own four walls to be on the safe side. Cats in particular love to play with ribbon and tinsel. In the heat of the moment, they are often simply swallowed – and this can sometimes lead to a life-threatening intestinal obstruction.

When kitties and dogs tug at the tinsel, a Christmas tree ball quickly lands on the floor and leaves behind broken pieces that can lead to a paw injury. So be prepared and prefer decorative items made of wood and straw – they won’t hurt your furry nose. If possible, attach the decoration where your pet cannot easily reach it and keep an eye on the four-legged friends when they play.

Christmas tree and snow spray

Especially a house cat, who likes to nibble at every green thing, should be kept away from the Christmas tree. The sharp needles can sometimes severely damage the esophagus if swallowed. But the resinous water from the Christmas tree stand is also absolutely unsuitable for your pets. If you still don’t want to do without the traditional Christmas tree, never leave it unattended with your velvet paw.

Even more dangerous, however, is the popular snow spray that is used to decorate many windows year after year. The four-legged friends are only too happy to lick this winter decoration – and absorb so many harmful and toxic substances. So, stay away from fake snow if you want to decorate your house in a pet-friendly way this Christmas.

So that your pets still have fun at Christmas, you can set up a safe play area with safe toys. For an example, see the video where famous cats Cole and Marmalade get a Christmas themed cardboard castle from their favorite human:

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