Baby Squirrel Clinging: Emergency Rescue!

A small baby squirrel clinging to the legs of passers-by is not an attack or a sign of affection. This is an emergency, the little animal has been undersupplied for a long time and is gathering all its remaining strength to seek help. Here’s how you can best help the poor guy:

Baby squirrels often seek human closeness in an emergency - Shutterstock/Boykung

Baby squirrels often seek human closeness in an emergency – Shutterstock/Boykung

Under no circumstances should you shake off or ignore baby squirrels that climb up on you or run after you. Collect them very carefully and contact a squirrel sanctuary or a wildlife veterinarian.

Clingy baby squirrel doesn’t have rabies!

You don’t need to worry that the little spider monkey has rabies and you could catch it. The baby squirrels’ strangely trusting behavior isn’t because they have a dangerous disease. They have mostly lost their mother and have been without food and warmth for a while. In desperation, the squirrels seek contact with people.

emergency or not?

If the baby squirrel climbs up on you or persistently pursues you, it is always an emergency. Even if the little guy is injured, has hypothermia or is threatened by predators such as cats, dogs and corvids, he needs help. If the baby squirrel seems unharmed and there are no predators around, you can observe it first. The squirrel’s mother often comes and collects her offspring. If not, you should take care of the mini squirrel and search the area for his siblings who may also need help.

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How to help the squirrel

Baby squirrels that have clung to you primarily need rest and warmth. Only when the little brat has calmed down should you carefully feed it with a mixture of lukewarm, boiled water or fennel tea, a pinch of salt and some dextrose or honey. If in doubt or in an emergency, you should contact the nationwide squirrel emergency hotline. The number is 0700 200 200 12 or you can look at www.eichhö for an emergency number in your area. If you cannot reach anyone, a veterinarian who specializes in wild animals can save the foundling’s life. Keep the baby squirrel toasty and warm during transport. A soft fleece sweater works well as a base for the transport box, and a heat pack or hot-water bottle can also be helpful. However, the animal must not have it too hot.

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