Baby goat Arthur is practicing jumping and getting better and better

12 adorable baby goats were recently born at Sunflower Farm. The little rascal in the video is called Arthur, named after US President Chester A. Arthur. He’s already practicing jumping and, after a few tries, is making great progress!

Arthur was only four days old when the video was shot. He is the youngest of the new baby goats, but already jumps as well as an older goat. Admittedly, the first attempts at the obstacle fail, but Arthur persists and, under the watchful eyes of his goat mom, succeeds. The sweetheart thinks how small the world looks from up there, before it goes back down to the ground. Have fun jumping and climbing, little goat president!

Where is this little goat going in such a hurry?  – Image: Shutterstock / Andrea Izzotti
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11/07/2014 – 12:15 p.m

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