Baby desert fox practices “sit”

How cute is that? In this animal video, a clever little desert fox practices sitting down on command – but as you can see, the cute bouncy ball’s main aim is the reward treat…

“Oh, it’s boring to sit down on command – just give me the treat like that!” Eevee, the little baby fox, seems to be thinking. Although the baby animal is fully committed, after a few days of regular training sessions, it thinks up another technique to get the reward.

By hopping and making figures, Eve tries to get her own snack. She’s just a clever little vixen – but it still works out a few times. Have fun practicing, little Eevee!

Smallest wild dog in the world: the fennec fox – Image: Shutterstock / odimup
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04/03/2015 – 05:09 p.m

The Fennec: A small fox with big ears

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