Animal noises can be so funny

Whether it’s a sweet bark or a short “Hi”: The animals in this video not only draw attention to themselves with their cute appearance, but above all with the very special sounds they make.

A fluffy dog ​​howls happily into the camera and sings his very own song – and with his big wide eyes he makes every animal lover’s heart beat faster. A crow likes to converse with its owner and will happily address her with a “Hi!” on. A red cat joins in with its master’s song and a fat little pig grunts happily when its owner cuddles up to it. You can only love these little animals!

"Haha, I just cooked something up!  But I won't tell you what it is!" – Image: Shutterstock / Foonia
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09/05/2015 – 12:11 p.m

Laughter guaranteed: Portraits of crazy and funny cats

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