Adventurous: Cat drives away mountain lions

A Dangerous Visit: In this video, a mountain lion has strayed onto the patio of a family home and apparently has no intention of leaving. Luckily there is someone who can show him who’s the master of the house…

“Do you know what I don’t like at all on my terrace? Mountain lions!”, the beautiful cat seems to be thinking in this video and even dares to show it – of course it is well protected thanks to the thick glass door. She bravely stares at the dangerous big cat until she retreats and disappears back into the mountains.

Mountain lions, also known as cougars, are very rare today, and fortunately it is not very common for them to come so close to houses – they are usually very shy of people. Then we can only hope that this four-legged friend doesn’t dare to come that close to the house again!

2/4/2013 – 2:08 p.m

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