3-Season Collective Review of The Boys Who Slapped The Superhero Myth

every quality narrative begins with a question to life

What would it be like if we transferred our consciousness to machines, what would we do if we found signs of life on Mars, what would we change if we had the opportunity to go to the past. The boys also start with such a question. What would the world be like if superheroes were real?

We all know that when only a certain group of people had supreme power, the atmosphere would definitely not be as the Marvel Cinematic Universe describes. some crimes would be hidden, heroism would be abandoned and movies and ratings would be pursued, and I’m sure a lot more people would die than was said. If this is happening even in hollywood, where no one has superpowers but only the rich and famous, imagine what would happen if someone started running at the speed of sound. you don’t even have to think about it because the boys are dealing with exactly this subject. Now, with the end of the 3rd season, let’s give an overall assessment of the series so far.

Warning: Spoilers from here.

now let’s start with the characters first because there is something very important to say here

hughie, butcher, mm, frenchie and kiiko actually have character mechanics that have been used many times and are now stereotypical. So how come these characters do not catch our eye even for a moment or reduce the quality of the story? Now, when the word cliché is mentioned, people always think of a bad meaning, but what makes a cliché bad is not the concept itself, but the way it is applied. Now let’s look at this situation from the buthcer character. Butcher grew up in a tough family, hated the world and would do anything to get what he wants. So why do we look forward to seeing this very familiar character in The Boys, what will be his next step? because although the basis of the character is a cliché, they have studied in great detail what they have built on it. I mean, he’s a tough person because they didn’t say that, he has a past, he has different interactions with other characters (for example, hughie, mm and frenchie are completely different from each other), and the character is very successful in conveying what he promises to the audience. Normally such harsh characters are written, but they are gradually made more docile so that the audience’s sympathy is not lost. Butcher is not like this, although he has very minor changes, his behavior is always the same.

This investment and construction issue is present in almost every character. if the side character is a side character, they fill that gap with either humor or an extremely shocking visual or something (termite’s penis exploding). this contributes little by little to the wonderful atmosphere that the series establishes. That’s one of the best parts of the series.

We talked at the beginning of the article. This show is about what the world would be like if superheroes were real. Here, too, they have created such a universe that everything in the world is integrated into this situation. Even when a character is walking around the market, we always see superhero ads on the products in the background. In the world we live in, superheroes are not real, you can still see their pictures on many products. however, this is a restrictive situation. Since there is no such thing as a superhero in reality, they can only appeal to children and the audience that follows the movies. If they were real, for example, they could go on TV and make a statement so they could create a superhero profile that appeals to even the most tech-savvy people. This is exactly what happened in the boys.

Which brings us to the media criticism that the series has made monstrous. I think one of the most enlightening things in the world is knowing how ads are produced. Once you know what is imposed and how, you can seriously realize how fake most of the things you are told are and after a while you become immune to them. This is how the false reality described in The Boys happens. but in real life, not everything is so under control. Since it is a series here, everything is explained more clearly and the cause-effect relationship is explained more clearly. But rest assured they would if they could. For example, there is a homelander in the universe of the boys and the character of homelander is in the movies. points out that this fact can be rewritten more than once, even that the past can be changed as you wish. because, for example, there is at least a difference between Robert Downey Jr and Tony Stark. but if you know that homelander really flies after filming, your perception of reality can be overturned very easily and it’s even easier for them to control what you think while they’re in this mess.

If we look at the third season specifically, we can say that it actually started with a decrease in tension at the beginning of the season. we’ve worked out these certain things and sorted things out, but the mechanics will be revealed and the team will gather back, which we don’t know is actually a bit like playing into overtime. But this mechanic is working in season three of The Boys, as homelander isn’t dead yet, and despite the dozens of scandals that have befallen Vought, the company is still afloat. so the boys have a lot more to do. a little bit of the system here is necessary for the flow of the story. because the threat posed by the stormfront would have been underestimated if the boys didn’t seem to have settled on certain things. that is, they must have received a certain award. Therefore, we can say that they wrote a very good mechanic for the beginning of the season.

In the rest of the season, there were some good developments. first of all, the homelander began to rapidly increase his power and control. it’s also getting more and more unstable. The stan edgar at the head of vought was egotistical, but he knew how to stay out of control and pull himself back. homelander can’t do it because he’s a narcissistic bastard. but something beautiful happened and for the first time he was beaten very cleanly. After this change, he thinks that it will be a very, very good season closure with his human nature, but unfortunately the result was not what we expected.

Now what was supposed to happen after the soldier boy came and the drama had so much preparation? homeland vs. soldier boy. So did the show do that? of course not. We saw that Butcher, who sacrificed the boys and even his own life to take down Homelander instead, changed his mind at the last possible moment and attacked Soldier Boy. And on top of that, when the homelander is most vulnerable, both physically and psychologically. After the scene that didn’t happen, the series sent Soldier Boy back to where he came from. He also put Homelander in a position where he wouldn’t even pay the price for his crimes.

so what was it supposed to be? first of all a very long soldier boy / homelander fight with no cuts if possible. later the Homelander was torn to pieces or even presumed dead if possible. then maybe the soldier boy is put back to sleep by mm and the season ends with our sight of homelander’s corpse but his finger or something moving reflexively. why is this necessary? because homelander’s biggest weakness is his narcissistic and dishonest personality. This season, if they broke that, next season we would see an ego-brushed, unstable and uncontrolled homelander. Here, homelander would deceive people with some lies he told the society and persuade them to take his side. There was a man he killed with a laser at the end of the season. Get over it or something, season four would be a pretty all-out war. but after the finale they made in this way, frankly, I don’t know what will happen in the fourth season.

Spoilers are over.

as a result

How you start and continue a series is just as important as how you connect certain points of the story. yes, anthony starr is doing a great job as a homelander, but if the season finale didn’t happen, it didn’t happen, so I have to say that too.

Apart from that, of course, we prepared a review video for the season finale. Ali stole something for the intro and sent it, thank you. I had a friend who read and shared his ideas before I published the whole of this article. I also thank them here.

Here is the link to the review video, if you want to check it out

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